Puāwai  (Blossom) Crystal Candle

Puāwai (Blossom) Crystal Candle

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Puāwai (Blossom) intention Soy Crystal Candle

Poipoia te kākano kia puawai. Nuture the seed and it will blossom

Nourish + Create + Flourish

Our Puāwai  candle was created for our Kōhine (young women)

Understand and nurture your mauri (life essence) through the power of creativity.

To create the life of your dreams, you have to envision what you desire. Then, once you have the picture in your heart, you can shape your life as you please. Remember that life isnt about doing but about being. Becoming your authentic self is purposeful and action-oriented in the sense of removing masks and armor so you can be yourself.

So what do you want to be? What do you want to explore? What do you want to create for yourself?

Nourish your creativity.

Creativity nourishes our wairua (spirit). It helps us understand, express and value our selves.

6 ways to nourish your creativity

 - Pursue interests that energise you

 - Spend time in nature

 - Practice self care

 - Experiment with creative materials

 - Exercise your imagination

 - Envision your future.

You can light your candle whilst journaling, creating with your hands, or in self care practices.

Mauri Moods Puāwai carry's a scent of Black Raspberry

Top notes: Blackberry and raspberry
Mid notes: White floral and green notes
Base notes: Light musk and vanilla 

Puāwai is dressed with a Carnelian

Personal power + Confidence

Carnelian allows you to embody courage and vitality so that you can take fearless action. It boosts energy around you and allow things to flow more smoothly toward you. Carry it to increase motivation, creativity and concentration.

Healing Properties:

  • Willpower & Determination
  • Connect to the True Unwavering Belief in Ones Self
  • Increase Sexuality and Attractiveness
  • Known as the "Stone of the King"
  • Good Luck and Motivation
  • Sociability
  • Abundance and Prosperity
  • Brings Motivation and Endurance
  • Power and Stamina
  • Banish Negative Energy Replacing with Love
  • Helps with Skin Irritation, Inflammation, Weight Loss, Depression, Addiction, Rage


All of our candles are hand poured using 100% soy wax. Soy wax is a naturally odourless vegetable wax that absorbs fragrance and burns cleaner, longer and more evenly than other wax alternatives. Hand pouring ensures even fragrance distribution, resulting in a beautifully scented candle that smells great from beginning to end. 

  • 45+hour burn time 
  • Cotton wick
  • Candle size 8.5cm diameter x 10cm


  After you burn your candle for the first time you can remove your stone and wash in warm soapy water. 

Trim your wick each time before lighting

Always place your candle somewhere safe preferably on a heat proof surface .

Never burn more than 4 hours at a time.

never burn unattended, keep away from pets and children.

Please read care instructions on the base of your candle.