Te Matahua - Fertility intention Crystal Candle

Te Matahua - Fertility intention Crystal Candle

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Te Matahua - Fertility intention Crystal Candle

He kākano āhau
I ruia mai i Rangiātea
And I will never be lost
I am a seed, born of greatness
Descended from a line of chiefs


...our origins emerged out of Te kore (The Void) from which came ira atua (the spiritual spark of a child). In tikanga Māori terms, ira tangata came from ira atua. So when we look at the faces of our babies, we recognise the imprints of those before us.

Nourishment +Health + Healing

A support to open yourself up to manifesting your desires and move into the energy of creating a pathway to relaxation and reception. Energy is powerful and setting intentions and asking the universe for guidance can be very puissant.

Each candle has been crafted and hand-poured in small batches of 5-6, with pure therapeutic grade essential oils, Blessed with Karakia and Healing Reiki energy to support your conception journey on both a physical and energetic level.

The essential oils blended within in Te Matahua have complex physical, energetic and emotional properties:


Sweet Orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis)

Known as a cleansing essential oil that help detox the liver and kidney. It also helps lift your mood.

 Geranium essential oil. (Pelargonium gravolens)
Geranium essential oil has calming and stress relieving properties that encourage openness, empathy and gentle loving energy
This oil is an adrenal cortex stimulant; helping to regulate and balance hormones. It also helps to detoxify the lymphatic system, helps to alleviate anxiety, and is antidepressant.


clear quartz point - the master healer

Amethyst- stress reliever

Rainbow Moonstone- The ultimate fertility crystal. Aligns with the moon's

feminine energy and helps balance women's cycles

Carnelian- The stone of passion connects you with your sacral chakra which is

the reproductive system. It also boosts fertility, energy, and promotes sexuality

Rose Quartz- The crystal of unconditional love and divine feminine energy.

Connects you to your heart chakra

ukanite - Unakite brings grounding to the spirit & fertility to spiritual growth.



Rose Petals- Symbolizes love, passion, romance, sexuality, and healing

Lavender- Symbolizes healing, tranquillity, good luck, and femininity

Calendula- Connects with sacral chakra. Symbolizes fertility and success


ways to use your candle

meditate with your candle , relax your vibe and let it resonate with your energy

manifest your deepest desires for a pēpi (baby)

clean and place your crystals under your pillow or carry them in your pocket.

you can also create a crystal grid

    •      45+hour burn time 
    • Cotton wick
    • Candle size 8.5cm diameter x 10cm


  After you burn your candle for the first time you can remove your stone and wash in warm soapy water. 

Trim your wick each time before lighting

Always place your candle somewhere safe preferably on a heat proof surface .

Never burn more than 4 hours at a time.

never burn unattended, keep away from pets and children.

Please read care instructions on the base of your candle.