Ahi Tapu Sacred twin flame geode Crystal Candle
Ahi Tapu Sacred twin flame geode Crystal Candle
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Ahi Tapu Sacred twin flame geode Crystal Candle

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Ahi Tapu Sacred twin flame intention Soy Crystal Candle

‘Ka mau tonu nga taonga tapu o nga matua tupuna Koinei nga taonga i tuku iho, na te ātua’
‘Hold fast to the treasures of the ancestors
For they are the treasures that have been handed down to us 
by God’


Balance + Life force + Spirit

Our Ahi tapu candle was created to bring balance back to your wairua (spirit) and mauri (life force), resulting in a deep sense of relaxation and clarity.

All people come from the same source, from IO Matua, from  Supreme being , Universal Energy. All human beings are descendants of IO and hold within their Manawa (heart) the spark of IO, The Devine spark of God’.  Human beings are multi-dimensional and acquire their spiritual inheritance from  Ahi-tapu or sacred twin flames that contain  wairua (spirit) and mauri ( life essence ). 

If our mauri and wairua are not in harmony a person can become unbalanced.  This can manifest as dis-ease (out of ease with oneself) and can occur on a mental, emotional and or physical level. With selfcare, Healing and our intention candle these can bring you back into alignment allowing the feeling of being Tau ( Balanced )

Mauri Moods Ahi Tapu candle is scented with the aroma of Kakadu Plum . Be uplifted by this robust, fruity fragrance! Notes of passion fruit, guava and melon are highlighted with fresh lime and rest on a base of coconut and tonka bean.

Ahi tapu  is dressed with a Natural split Quartz geode.

clarity | amplification | healing

the master healer

* amplifies energy, intentions & the effects of other crystals
* promotes harmony & balance
* protects against negativity
* provides clarity & aids concentration
* enhances psychic abilities
* promotes personal awareness & growth
* improves memory & focus

- each geode will be intuitively chosen & cleansed especially for you
- please note, as each geode is unique, there will be slight variations, the pictures represent the quality & sizing you can expect to receive

All of our candles are hand poured using 100% soy wax. Soy wax is a naturally odourless vegetable wax that absorbs fragrance and burns cleaner, longer and more evenly than other wax alternatives. Hand pouring ensures even fragrance distribution, resulting in a beautifully scented candle that smells great from beginning to end. 

  • 45+hour burn time 
  • Cotton wick
  • Candle size 8.5cm diameter x 10cm


  After you burn your candle for the first time you can remove your stone and wash in warm soapy water. 

Trim your wick each time before lighting

Always place your candle somewhere safe preferably on a heat proof surface .

Never burn more than 4 hours at a time.

never burn unattended, keep away from pets and children.

Please read care instructions on the base of your candle.