Parehuia feather  Drops

Parehuia feather Drops

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Introducing our beautiful Parehuia feather drops.


Introduce a Māori-inspired touch with embossed koru, symbolizing growth, strength, and peace. These Feather Drops are carefully crafted from Polymer clay with Gold plated, hypoallergenic findings that will elevate any outfit!


Embrace the imperfections that make each pair special, as the handmade nature ensures that no two pieces are exactly alike. From subtle variations in color to differences in size, these earrings carry their own charm and character. Celebrate your individuality by wearing these one-of-a-kind accessories that add a touch of uniqueness to your collection.

Made with Aroha in Gold Coast QLD

Visit our website and discover the secrets to maintaining your jewellery's longevity with our care instructions. Let us show you how to keep your taonga going strong!